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Here at we are not hosting any video or media files, we just provide a way to search and find videos from different media files hosting sites. How to watch a video online :
- Select one of our videos search engines from our list, we have different search engines, you can search all videos hosting sites at once, or one by one. *We recommend you to use the videos search engine searching all media files hosting sites, 51 total : click here. More results and faster way to find and watch your video.

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Watching a video with these free videos hosting sites is easy. Just few annoying pops and ads (as usual on some videos sites), just close it (or them) and watch.
Lets show you more about these smart ads, and how to quick bypass or ignore them.

On Divxstage: Close the ads to watch:

Beware of the speciality from these movies sites with their smart ads: "A one time only redirecting". When you click on the streaming link, it can redirect just one time to an ad page, ignore it, close it, and click again on the video link. Then it will works. (very smart !!!)

On Nowvideo: same way than Divxstage, close ads and watch:

Vidbull has also a smart way for this, just have a look at the screenshot below, the video link is the small button below the big display, don't confuse:

Same for filehoot, click on the watch now button, not the "big display":

This is another kind of: "one time redirect ad", (same than explained below the Divxstage screenshot) if shown, close it & click on the movies streaming link, it'll works. (smart again...):

These explications will helps you to understand how movies streaming hosting sites works, and how to watch the movie without beeing redirected to another site. That's all. Enjoy the web movs'

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